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About us

The history of the Marcialonga goes a long way back: on 7th February 1971, 1157 skiers were at the start of the first edition of Marcialonga di Fiemme e Fassa, the cross-country ski race across the Fiemme and Fassa valleys on a 70km-long track.

The dream of four friends – Giulio Giovannini, Roberto Moggio, Nele Zorzi, Mario Cristofolini – came true and 50 years later the history continues with success. Marcialonga is appreciated all over the world: every year more than 7000 skiers are at the start and the event is always sold out.

Marcialonga is more than a sport competition. It is an event that involves the community and 1300 volunteers. The athletes love the typical Italian atmosphere, and the event is a source of pride both for the people of the two valleys and for the participants, it does not matter in which discipline (skiing, cycling, running). Besides this, the landscape and the Dolomites in which the event takes place fascinate everyone.

Over the years, Marcialonga has organized many events, for adults and children, adding the road cycling race Marcialonga Craft and the running race Marcialonga Coop to the traditional ski-marathon.

In 2018 Marcialonga changed its logo with the goal to be not only a sport event but a brand. That gave the inspiration to create an apparel and accessories collection “Styled in the Dolomites” that is renewed every year.